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After months of helping friends learn the basics of photography I have decided to start this forum. Once a month I will post a new lesson and an assignment using information from that lesson. Two weeks after posting this lesson I will post the unedited pictures from anyone who wants to participate and publicly critique each image. Following my critique and any constructive criticism I will advise people how to improve the image using a either Photoshop, GIMP or Irfanview. A week later I will post the original and the edited image side by side for a final critique.

The following month I will start things all over again.

One thing I'm going to stress in this community is that good pictures can be made with ANY camera. I feel that it is important to learn the limitations of your camera and learn how to work within those limits. My instructions will include suggestions for basic point and shoot cameras as well as high end professional equipment.

Anyone who abuses other members in the forum will be banned. Constructive criticism is important and encouraged but just saying something negative doesn't help anyone.