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Class photos round 2 - Enjoy a monthly photo assignment with critiques an — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Enjoy a monthly photo assignment with critiques an

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Class photos round 2 [Sep. 26th, 2006|10:14 pm]
Enjoy a monthly photo assignment with critiques an


[music |Neko Case - Star Witness]

I realize this last lesson was pretty hard and I'm happy with the entries I received.
Sorry for the delay in getting these posted but I've been busy buying a house and playing with my other hobbies.

This first image is actually darker than what I was looking for. It does have a neat feel to have the eyes kind of floating in space but I was looking to keep some of the texture and detail that can be seen in dark subject material. Shooting something that looks black doesn't mean that you have to do it in the dark. There was some extra detail I was able to pull out of the image using the levels command that can be found in Photoshop and GIMP that can be seen in the second copy of this image.

Even though this second image has more detail to it I still prefer the look of the eyes just floating in space in the dark image.

The second photo here is a good example of high key and some of the white can be seen rather well. The original still looks a bit grey which tells me that it could have stood to be exposed longer (add another +1EV if your camera has it available). Fortunately, the levels command is an excellent tool for lightening images as well. There wasn't much to tweak to make the second image look much more white while keeping detail and highlights in the entire image.

This final entry I am leaving untouched. The exposure is exactly right for black leather (or leather textured plastic). About the only thing I would have adjusted would be the lighting so that the highlights would be consistent across all the letters. Photographing reflective material can be tricky and is a class in itself that I will save for the future.

Stay tuned for a lesson coming to a monitor near you soon dealing with how to make autofocus and focus lock work for you.